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Now it’s official! The winners of Lekolars pattern competition have been selected.

After an exciting and inspiring day for the jury, who was gathered in Malmö to select the best bids for our Inclusion theme, we have found three competent designs, that all and together, in every way, sums up the essentials of our competition.


We are very pleased to announce the 3 winners.





The winning patterns will together create a limited edition collection as a part of our Inclusion campaign, that will be launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020!

Below you can read more about the competition.


Design competition

What would your inclusion pattern look like?

Inclusion is a central expression in today’s academic world. Research shows that it is important for our development and learning to feel welcome and to have a sense of belonging.

This is a standpoint which we at Lekolar share. We believe that a good learning environment is a key ingredient for development and learning. Physical surroundings should support inclusion and the sense of feeling welcome.

What creates inclusion? What makes you feel safe and at home? What creates a sense of belonging? Based on your thoughts, feelings and personal experience of inclusion you create your pattern. Create a pattern that enables the physical surrounding to become optimal for learning and development. The pattern can be conversational or abstract, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and at home - inclusive.

The competition

The competition is open exclusively for design students in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The award committee will elect up to five winning patterns from the submitted proposals. The selection will be based on the pattern’s overall expression, including the pattern’s aesthetics and its ability to express ‘inclusion’. The winning patterns will togher create a limited edition collection with the Lekolar campaign name – Inclusion.

The winning patterns are selected by a committee consisting of:

  • Malin Jarbo, Creative Director, Lekolar
  • Annika Thomasson, Product Manager, Lekolar
  • Frida Brismar Pålsson, Interior Designer specialized in learning environments
  • Henrik Lindholm, Interior Designers MSA, White Architects

The patterns will be judged based on two criteria; 1) the craftmanship, i.e. how well composed and designed the pattern is and 2) how well the pattern follows the theme inclusion.

Each winning pattern will be awarded 1000 Euro* . The prize money will be transferred to the elected winner’s bank account when the competition is finalized and winners announced.

How to participate

To participate, submit your pattern swatch (as many as you wish) to 
Send your pattern as an Illustrator swatch or as a Photoshop document, but also include a PDF of it together with a written motivation. Secure that your name, phone number, e-mail address and the name of your educational institution is connected to your entry. We also want you to include a short video of yourself and your motivation to participate.

Please submit your application to participate in the competition no later than August 1st, 2019 

Winners will be contacted directly and announced September 15 via Lekolar’s homepage.

Annika Thomasson
Malin Jarbo

Rules of entry and usage rights

When submitting your contribution to the competition, you accept the following:
• That Lekolar have the right to share and publish your pattern and presentation video, as part of the campaign, including via social media, on Lekolar’s website, in printed catalogues and in videos, given that your pattern is one of the winning patterns.
• Your pattern, if selected, will be part of a limited edition collection. 
• That Lekolar has the exclusive right to use the pattern for a 3 year period, starting from the date the winning pattern is announced. During this period, the pattern may be applied on textile, paper, foil, wood and laminate for a variety of products included in the collection. 
• That any of these products will be produced, sold and marketed under the Lekolar brand for the Nordic market.
• That the product information for any product using your pattern may include your name. 
• That the collection may be marketed and published in part or in full as a part of the Lekolar booth at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 and in other marketing channels. 
• That after the 3 year period Lekolar can negotiate further use of your pattern.


* No need to worry. Lekolar will deduct the necessary taxes to the prize money. The amount (1000 Euro) is yours to enjoy.


Competition pressrelease:

Pressemelding Competition Pattern for Inclusion

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